Less than a quarter of recent Northamptonshire crimes have been solved

Violent crime has risen in Northamptonshire in the past 12 months by 16 percent.
Violent crime has risen in Northamptonshire in the past 12 months by 16 percent.

Just 13 per cent of crimes recorded in Northamptonshire over the past three months have been resolved, according to latest statistics.

Between August and October 15,144 incidents were recorded in the county, which works out as an average of 164 per day.

Violent crime made up 4,831 offences, with 533 sexual crimes reported, 881 residential burglaries and 2,119 vehicle crimes.

In the past 12 months there has been a five per cent increase in total crime with 57,996 crimes recorded across the county.

Speaking at the police and crime panel meeting on Thursday (Dec13) councillors on the panel, which has the responsibility for overseeing the performance of the police and crime commissioner, voiced their concerns at the statistics.

Cllr Richard Auger, who represents Daventry, questioned how effective the Northants force was .

He said: “We accept the force is busy. But for me. So what? How are we doing with regards to that busyness?”

Police commissioner Stephen Mold said: “The force is a force that requires improvement. We have not been doing a good enough job.

“But I feel confident that things are going to get better.”

Northampton councillor Danielle Stone, who represents the Abington ward, said drug dealing is a big problem in the area she represents with mothers frightened that their children will be enticed into crime.

She said: “The community feels under siege from criminal elements in the community. What the police say is we want the big boys. There is a big issue about that. The women on the estate are frightened for their children. They do not want their children being groomed by old brothers, cousins, neighbours.

“People understand police focus is to stop it at source. We have real issues. This is happening on people’s doorsteps.”

The crimes which had seen the biggest increase over the past 12 months to October this year were rape which went up by 30 per cent, with 782 rapes recorded. Violent crime also rose by 16 per cent with 18,387 crimes recorded. Anti-social behaviour crime levels dropped by 21 per cent during the recent 12-month period with 21,835 recorded and robberies also went down by 16.4 per cent to 836 crimes.