'Leafy' Daventry popular with travellers says neighbourhood sergeant

Pictures courtesy of Twitter (@sgtsamdobbs and @BarbyBlueCaps)
Pictures courtesy of Twitter (@sgtsamdobbs and @BarbyBlueCaps)

Daventry's neighbourhood sergeant has said the town is popular with travellers because it's "leafy".

Sergeant Sam Dobbs tweeted after members of his team reported the travellers on Lang Farm had left for Warwickshire ahead of the Kenilworth Fair next weekend.

He said he had spoken to some of the group, who were going to be served notice by the Countywide Traveller Unit later today.

"My team report travellers at Lang Farm have left for Kenilworth Fair," said Sergeant Dobbs on Twitter.

"Notices were due to be served today by CTU.

"Travellers tell me leafy Daventry remains popular for them which I know infuriates locals.

"Again, need to progress debate on emergency stopping facility for district."