Laughing all night with Bill Bailey

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Watching Bill Bailey is like being massaged with laughter in a strobe-lit living room while listening to jazz, and by that I mean it’s absolutely great.

It takes a certain type of comic to draw a crowd into a world where re-enacting a scene from Hamlet in Danish and playing the Ghostbusters theme tune on a bicycle horn is the norm, but Bill Bailey did just that in his show Qualmpeddler at the Royal and Derngate in Northampton last night.

Launching into dialogue with the audience about the medical term for the top of the foot the long-haired comic lived up to his reputation for being intelligently bonkers and a great laugh.

The musically gifted comedian, known for bringing his stand-up to life with a myriad of instruments, then went into acronyms and their usage with the use of his keyboard. Needless to say Bill is not a fan of the acronym OMG and exclaimed that at this rate the future of comedy would be reduced to saying, in simultaneous monotony, the word LOL in favour of actually laughing.

Indeed one of the highlights of a Bill Bailey gig is that you get much more than the typical lowbrow one liner about traffic, car keys or pets - instead Bill works hard to integrate his music into his performance lifting his gentle comedy with rhythm and getting the crowd involved.

In the space of a couple of hours Bill took the audience from the gentle, with a tale of freeing an owl from a Sellotape straightjacket, to the absurd, with a modern day dub step advertisement for attending church.

He put on a great performance in Northampton keeping the crowd laughing throughout.

Personally, I think any comic who can bring humour to a death metal song about being ripped apart by badgers deserves a round of applause, the fact that he followed that with an impression of a Beatles tribute act in a Japanese accent was just the icing on the top of the cake. A must see.