‘Lack of support’ for town’s young

STRESS and a lack of resources are to blame for depression among Daventry’s young people, according to two local charities.

The Prince’s Trust in Daventry and Time2Talk have responded to a survey conducted by the Prince’s Trust nationally which suggests one in 10 young people feel they cannot cope with day-to-day life.

Time2Talk, a free information and counselling service for people aged 13 to 25, say the results of the survey come as no huge surprise to them as they have seen these issues in Daventry’s young people for a long time.

The annual report surveyed 2,136 16 to 25-year-olds with 27 per cent in work reporting that they feel down or depressed always or often. However a staggering 48 per cent of those not in education, employment or training said they felt this way.

Manager at Time2Talk Andy Nixon said: “This is an issue we often deal with and we have found that it is not just those out of work but young people across the board who struggle with the stresses they are put under in daily life.

“Everyone is individual and there are so many people who need support, not just those who aren’t in employment.”

The survey also found 22 per cent of young people did not have someone to talk to about their problems, a sentiment echoed by development worker at the Prince’s Trust in Daventry Sam Stojanovic.

She said: “I think there is something about Daventry which people find demotivating and I think that’s due to a lack of support and resources available for them in the town.

“I have looked around to see what is available for young people when they find themselves in difficult situations or under a lot of stress and pressure and there isn’t enough – although Time2Talk do offer this service.”

Mr Nixon said: “Unfortunately it comes down to funding. When you are in a small town it is about supporting what already exists. There are small bits of funding available but these tend to be for start-up projects and not to support things already happening.”

For information and support for young people visit www.time2talk.org.uk or www.princes-trust.org.uk.