Labour party marks start of its election campaign

Cllr Abigail Campbell with Shadow Secretary of State for Defence Vernon Coaker.
Cllr Abigail Campbell with Shadow Secretary of State for Defence Vernon Coaker.

More than 50 Labour supporters met at Daventry Community Centre on Saturday to mark the start of the party’s local and general election campaigns.

The Shadow Secretary of State for Defence and MP for Gedling in Nottinghamshire, Vernon Coaker attended the meeting alongside Cllr Abigail Campbell, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Daventry.

Mr Coaker told the packed hall the Office for Budget Responsibility spending in public services could drop to its lowest level since the 1930s under the Tories, a sentiment echoed by Cllr Campbell. She said: “Under this Government the poor have got poorer while the rich have got much, much richer. The wealthiest one per cent has accumulated as much wealth as the poorest 55 per cent of the population put together. Our Tory councils are adding to this injustice – shutting down the children’s centre in the most deprived part of the district, where the number of children living in poverty is above the national average; cutting council tax support; imposing the bedroom tax; and refusing to introduce the living wage.

“There are big battles to be fought and won in Daventry: the future of our schools, the pressures on our NHS and emergency services, the threats to our green spaces, and the light of insecure, low-paid employment.

“The stakes are high in this election. It’s a watershed moment.

“Our public services are on a knife edge. Local government is being destroyed.

“Labour offers people a fairer future – one that works for more than just a powerful few. That commitment to social justice is our past, our present and our future”.

Cllr Campbell also announced plans were underway to re-establish a Trades Union Council in Daventry.