Jumping for charity... but help is at hand

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With only a few days left before my skydive for the Jago Worrall Foundation I thought I had better start taking some precautions...

On Monday August 26 I will be jumping 10,000ft (two miles high) with fellow fundraisers from the Evergreen Art Cafe in Daventry. I’ll be strapped to the front of a qualified diving instructor travelling 120mph before the chute goes up at 5,000ft.

I signed up for this some months ago but the reality was starting to hit home. Very scary stuff for someone with a self-confessed fear of flying!

Last week, after reading about my challenge, Daventry hypnotherapist Christian Baker contacted me offering to help combat my fear of flying in readiness for the big day.

With 11 years of experience as a hypnotherapist, trainer and performance coach, Christian works with people with all manner of phobias and fears, as well as athletes, to help ready them for challenges and to overcome obstacles.

We began our session by talking through my fear of flying - something which has caused panic attacks in the past - and how differently I would look at it if I was calm and collected on the day.

Talking me through relaxation and breathing exercises Christian then worked with me to achieve a state of total relaxation, the kind we rarely get in modern day life and that can change the way we feel about a situation.

The session lasted 30 minutes but the relaxation I felt stayed with me all night.

Unlike the way hypnotherapy is depicted on TV, the session wasn’t about being ‘put under’ or losing control but about reaching a different level of consciousness. I understood what Christian was saying throughout the session and was able to reply to questions. It was guided and I wasn’t required to ‘believe’ in anything in order to feel a difference, instead the focus of our attention was how to achieve that level of calm on the day of the jump in order to reduce my fear.

With any luck on Monday I will be able to put into practice the calm breathing and positive thinking from the session.

The Daventry Express launched a campaign for two-year-old Jago Worrall from Welton who suffered severe brain damage after nearly drowning in a pond last year.

If you would like to donate to the skydive for the Jago Worrall Foundation please visit JustGiving or pop into the Daventry Express office in High Street between 9am and 5.30pm.

Christian works across Daventry and Northampton but is based on the second floor of the Abbey Centre in Daventry.

For more information visit www.christianbaker.net or follow @christianbaker on Twitter.