‘Joint venture’ could see Daventry District Council take back control of its bins and recycling service

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Daventry District Council could take back control over its waste and recycling services under a report to be discussed next week.

On Thursday February 9, councillors will consider future proposals for operating waste bin collections and other environmental services across Daventry district due to start in summer 2018 when the council’s existing contract with Amey/Enterprise ends.

The report deals with how to deliver the service, and considers the cost, quality and affordability various options:

- Appointing an external contractor – similar to the current arrangement with Amey/Enterprise.

- The council running the services ‘in-house’ (as before 2011) or through a company controlled by the council.

- A ‘joint venture’, with shared ownership and control between the council and another company that would deliver the services.

- Sharing an ‘in-house’ service with one or more councils.

The preferred option, recommended by officers, is for a joint venture between DDC and Norse Commercial Services Ltd, a company owned by Norfolk County Council that provides services for 12 other local authorities, including Wellingborough.

DDC is also considering proposals to delegate litter-picking in built-up areas to interested parish councils keen to take the service on. DDC says it has already received interest from 10 parishes. Parish councils could also take on the maintenance of closed churchyards too, if willing to do so.

The environmental services options will be discussed by DDC’s strategy group on Thursday, February 9 at 6.15pm. The committee’s recommendation is then scheduled to be presented to full council for consideration on Thursday February 23.

DDC has already decided on what the future bin and recycling service will look like. Hence, the report to be discussed next week only deals who will run the service.

Following public consultation in July 2016, the council decided to introduce a ‘1-2-3’ waste and recycling collection once the current contract ends.

The new service design will involve (1) a weekly food waste collection, (2) a two-weekly recycling collection using a full-size wheelie bin and (3) a three-weekly general waste collection.

A separate fortnightly garden waste collection service will be made available at an additional cost for those who want it.