International work at school

Comenius project at the Grange School.'Pictured is Magda Szczurek
Comenius project at the Grange School.'Pictured is Magda Szczurek

A SCHOOL from Daventry is reaching out to make links across Europe.

The Grange School has signed up to the Comenius programme.

Over the next two years they will form links with schools in Poland, Turkey and Spain with teachers and pupils getting a chance to visit.

The school has also been joined by Magda Szczurek, a teaching assistant from Lublin, Poland, as part of the project.

Debbie Pyne, who leads the project at the school, said: “People think these types of schemes are all about learning languages, but really that’s only a small part.

“As teachers we get to find out how other teachers work, and there’s give and take there.

“For the children they get to find out more about other countries and cultures, but also the things we have in common too.”

The school has a number of children from Polish families.

Miss Szczurek said: “For me, I get to really learn about English culture and traditions here. Also for the children of Polish families I can help them until their English improves, and also help teach them about Polish history, culture and traditions.”

As part of that, Miss Szczurek will be launching a Polish club open to anyone interested in learning more about Polish culture and language.