Inspirational stories told at trust awards

Tom Queripel
Tom Queripel
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Three young people from Daventry who have battled against the odds to overcome adversity have received grants from the Mayday Trust.

The Mayday Trust Awards were set up to recognise people who had tackled homelessness, addiction, unemployment, learning disabilities or prison sentences to turn their lives around. Three winners from Daventry included Hanna O’Brien, Tom Queripel and Kevin Bigg.

Pat McArdle, CEO of Mayday, said: “We salute these individuals and their amazing achievements. We encourage people to thrive, not just to survive and cope. Seeing how far people have come on their own personal journeys powerfully demonstrates the value of our focus on talents and abilities.”

Six winners will also be able to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into reality with cash awards to pursue their goals as winners of Mayday Talent Bonds.

Daventry’s Tom Queripel, winner of the Gold Inspirational Journey Award, represented England in the 2013 Homeless World Cup Football tournament playing in Portugal.

Tom, who found himself homeless after a relationship breakdown, was one of some 150 young people selected from thousands of applicants across the UK.

He took part in a five-day programme with professional football clubs where he received accredited sports leaders’ qualifications and professional football training.

His enthusiasm is ‘magnetic,’ according to Mayday staff.