'I want a unitary for rural areas': Daventry council leader not keen on joining with Northampton's urban administration

Chris Millar
Chris Millar

Daventry District Council's leader does not want to see his rural local authority joined to Northampton Borough in a new unitary model, as per the Government's advice.

Last month's published Government inspection report into the county council resulted in a suggestion that a west Northamptonshire unitary comprising of Daventry District Council, South Northamptonshire Council and Northampton Borough be created.

Chris Millar, leader of Daventry District Council and long-term supporter of the unitary model of local government, says he would rather his district be joined up with similar rural areas in order to deliver what's best for his district's residents.

"I support the idea of unitary councils within the existing boundaries," he said.

"But I would want a unitary for the rural areas.

"My preference would be to join other rural councils rather than be joined with an urban area like Northampton borough."

No final decision on the make-up of Northamptonshire's local government has yet been made and talks are ongoing with all affected parties as to how best split the county.

Heads of the eight councils around the county are set to hold a crunch meeting today to discuss how to divide the boundary lines.