How to steer clear of ice issues on the road

Road safety charity the IAM offers weekly tips from Britain’s top advanced driver, Peter Rodger.

With temperatures plunging, the IAM is issuing the following tips for dealing with the conditions:

> Ensure you have de-icer and a scraper. Before setting off, make sure you clean any ice or condensation from all the windows so that your visibility is clear.

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> When you set off, do so in second gear, releasing the clutch and accelerating gently.

> As you drive, stay in higher gears to minimise the possibility of wheel spin.

> Stopping distances are increased by up to 10 times in icy conditions, so leave much more distance than usual between your car and the car in front.

> If your car loses grip, take your foot off the accelerator, and point the front wheels where you want to go.

> Bear in mind, after the frost has gone, ice can remain in areas which are shaded by trees and buildings, including bridges.

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