Housebuilders face new charge to pay for community facilities in Daventry district

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A new charge on developments which provides funds for improvements to local infrastructure is to come into force across Daventry district.

The introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) was agreed by councillors at the meeting of Daventry District Council on July 30 and will take effect from September 1.

CIL is a planning charge introduced by the Planning Act 2008. It sees developers charged on the amount of floor space created by their development, with the money generated then used to fund improvements to local infrastructure.

The rates charged per square metre differ depending on the type of the development and its location, with exemptions available for charities, self-builds, affordable housing and home extensions.

In Daventry district, the money generated by the levy will help fund a range of new infrastructure, including the Daventry Development Link Road, secondary and special needs education, walking and cycling routes, sports facilities, and town centre parking.

Parish councils will also benefit as a proportion of all CIL receipts raised from development in a parish is handed over to the local council. These funds should be used to mitigate the impacts of the development.

Other infrastructure, such as primary school education and play areas and community facilities on new housing developments, will continue to be secured by planning obligations, often called Section 106 agreements.

The agreement by DDC to adopt CIL comes after several years of work to prepare for its introduction, culminating earlier this summer in independent approval of the charges to be imposed on new development in the district.

Councillor Alan Chantler, strategic planning portfolio holder on Daventry District Council, said: “We are very pleased to adopt CIL, which is a simple, clear, consistent charge that sets the expectations of landowners, developers and others involved in development in our district.

“It will provide vital funds to allow this council to help deliver a wide range of infrastructure improvements, in order to manage properly the impacts of development.”