Homecoming concert for Matti’s fourth anniversary

Matti Fantasi
Matti Fantasi

A Daventry musician will be celebrating a fourth anniversary with a homecoming gig on Saturday.

Matti Fantasi will be performing his Ages of Rock four-year anniversary show at The Stables in Warwick Street, Daventry. It runs from 9pm to midnight.

He said that it is a homecoming gig as he has not performed in the town for more than a year.

Matti said: “I started performing solo in Daventry four years ago so it is nice to be here for the fourth anniversary.

“In the time I have been going I have performed all over the place and am booked six months in advance. I am normally performing every Friday and Saturday night.

“I have changed a lot since I started. I am part of a rock band and that along with performing for the past four years has changed me. You try different things out and you judge it based on the audience reaction.”

He will be covering a number of famous songs by groups including Bon Jovi, Green Day, AC/DC, Def Leppard and Adam Ant.

He also hopes to carry out more work with his band Dead Frequency.

Matti added: “The band is starting to get bigger and we are looking at performing in festivals in the summer and possibly going on tour later in the year.”

For more details about the night and the performer visit www.mattifantasi.com/