‘His death came as a really big shock’

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A 20-year old paraplegic man living in Daventry was ‘just getting his life back’ when he died of natural causes at his home in Roderick Court an inquest heard on Wednesday.

Benjamin Michael Foulds died suddenly in his sleep on October 2 last year after suffering from idiopathic left ventricular hypertrophy.

Northamptonshire coroner Anne Pember gave the verdict after hearing from witnesses Dr Tahir Khan and Dr Victoria Cole.

Andrew Foulds, Mr Foulds’ father, told of how his son had regained his independence and was making good progress following a cycling accident that left him a paraplegic in November 2010.

Ben Foulds had been cycling down a hill in Barnstaple, Devon, where he lived at the time when he collided with railings which speared through the side of his body.

He suffered severe head and spinal injuries and lost the sensation in his legs as a result.

Andrew Foulds said: “He was doing really well at the time, making new friends and going to college in Banbury.

“This comes as a kick in the teeth because the cause of death was so completely unrelated to his injuries.”

Step mother Louise Foulds said: “He was always active and was getting back to his happy, lively self after the accident. He was a such a character and his death came as a really big shock.”