Highlighting the good work our schools do

MHDE Daventry Schools Matter
MHDE Daventry Schools Matter

The Daventry Express is this week launching its new Daventry Schools Matter campaign to support and promote the valuable contribution schools make to our community.

As recent headlines in this paper have shown, the education of young people in Daventry is facing a number of challenges.

But there is plenty of good work going on day in, day out in our local schools – from helping youngsters learn civic values, through to teachers passing on their skills to other teachers. Every week this newspaper reports on the good work in our schools, but we really want to highlight it.

And this is why we are launching our Daventry Schools Matter campaign. As a paper we feel it is important to get behind our schools. We will seek to highlight the many events and initiatives schools run for the benefit of young people and the wider community, and demonstrate the work teachers, councillors and others are doing to rebuild confidence and trust. In January we revealed one third of local primary school children are passing over Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village and Parker E-ACT Academy in Daventry to head to other schools further afield.

Plainly there is a lack of confidence among some parents in the ability of schools to further the interests of Daventry’s next generation.

Partly this is thanks to the historical legacy left to us by the disastrous decision by Northamptonshire County Council’s education committee in the 1980s to close the Grange Comprehensive School and dissolve the town’s sixth forms. The consequences of this event still reverberate to this day.

But things have moved on since then. Our schools, councillors and more recognise we need to improve education locally and give our young people the best start in life. They have been working for years already on this and things are changing – we have better networks among the schools, and new schools as well.

We are asking you, our readers, to take an active part in supporting our schools. You can tweet to us under #DaventrySchoolsMatter or email us on editorial@daventryexpress.co.uk about the good work your school is doing.