Help village unite against speeding

VILLAGERS in Byfield can help to catch speeding drivers this year as part of a returning police scheme.

Speedwatch, from Northamptonshire police, is a campaign aimed at training villagers to use speed reading equipment in order to monitor motorists throughout their village.

In Byfield the parish council is appealing for volunteers to come forward to give a few hours to help out in the community.

Parish council chairman John Gillic said: “Villagers can help to actively reduce speeding in their village.

“We are looking for a team of ten volunteers to man checkpoints in Byfield. We have two areas of concern in mind and would like to target speeding there.

“The job of the volunteer would be to record the speed of drivers and their registration plate so that information can then be handed to the police.”

Police can then use this information to write to or fine drivers for their speeding offences.

The scheme proved successful when it was used in Byfield in 2011 and Mr Gillic hopes to replicate this success by taking part again, this year at the cost of £450 to the parish council.

Volunteers would be asked to dedicate a morning to training, where they will be taught how to use the equipment, and then two or three weeks during the year when they will be asked to monitor speed at their given checkpoints.

The two roads of concern for the council are Byfield Road towards Woodford Halse and Boddington road running to Boddington.

The A361 to Daventry is already manned with a speed camera which acts as an effective deterrent to speeding drivers.

Cllr Gillet said: “Byfield has an active community and road safety is an issue for them.

“Volunteers for this scheme would be making a difference to the quality of life of villagers and giving something back with their involvement.

“The parish will only get involved in the scheme if enough people would like to help out, so we are asking for them to come forward.”

Anyone who like to volunteer with Speedwatch should contact Cllr Gillet by the end of the month on 01327 262917 in the evening or by email on