Help us call foul on dog owners

PEOPLE who spot others dropping rubbish or not clearing up after their dogs are being encouraged to report what they see.

On behalf of Daventry District Council, the Whilton and Buckby Locks Association (WBLA) has installed a number of anti-dog fouling signs through Long Buckby Wharf along the Grand Union Canal tow path and on bins (there are three such bins provided for the purpose along the lock flight).

Dog owners disregarding the signs anywhere in public access areas are liable for fixed penalty notice fines of £70 or, if prosecuted, a maximum fine of £1,000.

In addition, dog wardens from the council now patrol the tow path as well.

The WBLA is now encouraging boaters and walkers who see people who do not clean up after their dogs to report the details to DDC.

The council has a special form on its website for reporting ‘environmental crimes’ including littering and dog fouling.

The leaflets ask for information including details of cars rubbish was thrown out of, include registration plates, and the breed of dog if the forms are used to report fouling.

Maria Taylor, community manager at Daventry District Council, said: “Completed booklets have provided us with evidence that have enabled us to target our proactive patrols to where and when they are most needed.

“Some booklets have provided such detail, including descriptions of the dog and its owner, that we have been able to trace the owner and warn them of the importance of picking up after their dogs.

“Parish councils have shown a particular interest in receiving the booklets, who then distribute them to local residents that have complained to them about dog fouling.”

Since they have been launched six reports have been made using the booklets. Last year, DDC dealt with 92 complaints of dog fouling.

The forms are available to download on Daventry District Council’s website at