Heatwave advice from DDC

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Daventry District Council are advising residents to keep cool, seek shade and keep hydrated during the current heatwave conditions.

This afternoon they delivered top advice for being safe in the sun.

DDC suggest the following:

- Trying to keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm.

- Wearing sunscreen

- Wearing loose cotton clothing

- Drinking lots of cool drinks

- Seeking shade

- Wearing sunglasses and a hat

- Looking out for others especially vulnerable groups such as the elderly, young children and babies and those with serious illnesses

- Never leaving anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially infants, young children or animals

DDC released a statement saying: “Remember that it can get uncomfortably hot indoors too. Try to keep your bedroom and living space cool, by closing the curtains on windows that receive the sun and opening your windows at cooler times of the day and overnight when you can. Turn off non-essential lights and electrical items as these generate heat.

“Health and social care workers should regularly check on vulnerable patients, share sun safety messages, make sure room temperatures are set below 26 degrees and ensure patients have access to cold water and ice.

“If you have a health problem keep medicines below 25°C or in the refrigerator (read the storage instructions on the packaging)

And seek medical advice if you are suffering from a health problem condition or taking multiple medications and start to feel more unwell.

“If you or others feel unwell and if you feel flushed, dizzy, tired, sick or have intense thirst and headache, move to a cool place as soon as possible and measure your body temperature. Drink plenty of water and you should start to feel better in half an hour.

If your body temperature is very high (>40°C), if your heart or breathing rate is fast, if you have muscle cramps or fits, or feel anxious or confused then seek medical help immediately.”

For further advice if you are unwell contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647.