Heart group will fight unit’s closure

Jane Hurt, volunteer at the British Heart Foundation, signing the petition.
Jane Hurt, volunteer at the British Heart Foundation, signing the petition.

Members of Daventry 
district’s heart support group have vowed to join the fight 
to reopen the cardiac 
rehabilitation unit at Danetre.

The group met at Weedon Village Hall on Wednesday last week and, after a discussion, agreed to fight on.

The cardiac rehab unit provided advice and care for people who had suffered a cardiac event as well as their families.

The idea of the unit at Danetre was to help people get back to a good quality of life, help them improve their lifestyles and do it all away from the surroundings of major hospitals.

Jackie Green told the meeting: “When I had my cardiac event the support I had for me and my family was excellent.

“The only way forward is for us to keep pushing with the petition and make as many people aware as possible.”

Ralph Porter said: “Being relatively new to the Daventry area I wasn’t aware that there had been consultation with the general public about the withdrawal of services from Danetre. If there wasn’t we need to look into if there has been any maladministration.”

Mrs Crouch pointed out that the cardiac unit had money in the bank at the time she retired and that it had purchased several pieces of equipment, the location of which is now unknown.

She said: “Northampton General used to be the cardiac care centre, but it lost the contract to the hospital in Kettering. That means anyone needing care after they’ve been discharged from hospital after a cardiac event will now have to travel to Kettering.”

A meeting with Viv Crouch and MP Chris Heaton-Harris will take place tonight (Thursday) at the Holiday Inn at Flore from 6pm.

The petition set up by Cllr Wendy Randall can be signed online at http://goo.gl/5ZIoJ or by visiting the Daventry Express offices.