Healthcare bill from Daventry’s MP set for Parliament

Daventry MP Chris Heaton-Harris NNL-150705-115113001
Daventry MP Chris Heaton-Harris NNL-150705-115113001

A private members bill from Daventry’s MP is set to get its second reading in Parliament today (Friday).

The ‘Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill’ aims to promote access to innovative medical treatments that involve a departure from the existing range of accepted medical treatments for a condition.

Currently a doctor will not be negligent when departing from the existing range of medical treatments if he can show that his decision is supported by a responsible body of medical opinion.

Mr Heaton-Harris’s bill would allow doctors to use treatments not widely used, and therefore without a body of medical opinion, if they follow a process that preserves safeguards for patients.

It also would create a national database detailing treatments and their outcomes.

The second reading of a bill allows the whole House of Commons to debate the principals set out in it. It is also the first time a bill faces a vote. If the bill passes this stage it will be passed to a committee to examine.