Uncertain future for Danetre clinic

A consultation on the future of the podiatry clinic at Danetre Hospital in Daventry has been launched by the NHS.

The step has caused some patients to question if the NHS wants to cut the service from ‘low-risk’ patients due to the lack of publicity.

NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group says it wants look at the podiatry service and create a ‘sustainable service’ for current and future users.

In particular it proposes changing the criteria for risk categories, and asks if the NHS should fund treatment for low risk people if cheaper community alternatives are available.

One user of the service, who asked not to be named, said: “I have problems with my back so I go down to Danetre regularly for them to cut my toe nails and look after my corns.

“The service is used by many people in the area. My friend lives in supported accommodation but she can’t do her toenails either so she goes to the podiatry clinic.

“The only reason I knew about this consultation is that I happened to have an appointment. I don’t know how people are supposed to find out about it.

“It looks like the managers want to cut the service so only those with serious medical problems with their feet can go.

“Others like me will have to find a private podiatrist. Last time I went to one was three or four years ago, and it cost £25, which is a lot when you’re on a fixed budget.”

The NHS consultation says: “We have developed proposals about how people could receive these services in the future and would like to understand what local people think about these proposals.”

The documents are available at Danetre Hospital, and online at www.neneccg.nhs.uk/current-consultations/ with a deadline of July 4.