Support rallies for ill teenager

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JORDAN Mistry, 15, was diagnosed with cancer in March after suffering with problems in his legs.

His mother, Trish, said: “Jordan had a problem last year with his leg, which wasn’t related. But since then he wasn’t the same active person.

“He used to play football and be very active, but it all dropped off. From January he developed pain and other problems.

“We went to the GP who sent us to the general for an emergency MRI on March 8. He then had biopsies on a tumour on his tailbone and we got the result that it was cancer – Ewing’s sarcoma.

“Jordan has been amazing and really brave, he’s taken it better than us I think! It knocked me and Amit hard. We’re getting used to the idea now and that Jordan’s going to be having treatment which will include chemo and radiotherapy, and possibly surgery. It’s likely to go on for 12 months.

“At the moment I’m up with Jordan in Nottingham, and Amit and Jordan’s sister Alina have come up at the weekend.

“I’m amazed at the support Jordan’s had from friends and others, and the efforts people have gone to in order to arrange fundraising events. It’s touched us all really.”

A RUN is being organised to help raise funds for the Mistry family.

Dawn Calvey and Claire Brown, whose sons are friends with Jordan have organised the run, raffle and evening of entertainment to raise cash to help with the Mistry family’s extra costs.

The run takes place at Daventry Country Park on April 7 setting off from 1pm. From 11am there will also be face painting and a bouncy castle from Crazy Horses, and afterwards at the nearby Queen of Hearts pub there will be a raffle drawn and music from local band So’77.

Sponsor forms are available from C2 Barbers in Sheaf Street or by messaging the organisers on Facebook.