Concern after pets die from poisoning

A PET owner from Daventry is worried there could be a spate of poisonings on her estate.

Claire Calder, from Kennedy Close on the Southbrook, has had four cats die from apparent poisoning over the last four weeks, and is worried other cats on the estate could be affected.

She said: “Each time they’ve lost the use of their back legs and become sick.

“When I went in with the first cat the vet said it might be something in my house – a cleaning product. But I’d not done anything different.

“Then I thought maybe someone was deliberately targeting my cats and poisoning them, but then I heard about others on the estate that had gone missing or died.

“My friend just a few houses away has four missing cats and one that had to be put down which had the same symptoms as mine have.

“And then a few gardens in the other direction another cat was found which was also in the same way.

“People who don’t own cats are also finding them in their gardens, dead or nearly dead.

“It’s not just cats either – people are finding dead hedgehogs which haven’t been hit by cars. I don’t know if it’s deliberate, or accidental, but environmental health have told me it can’t be council workers because their chemicals have to be safe for cats.”

Vet John Robinson, from the Kenwood Veterinary Surgery in Daventry, where Ms Calder has taken her cats, said: “The symptoms have been consistent with nervous system problems, so that points to poisoning, potentially with organophosphates.

“Unfortunately, we cannot send off samples for testing because it costs too much.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before though.”

Now Ms Calder is encouraging anyone who finds cats with similar conditions to contact the police to help track down the source.