Hard boiled fundraising for village

A VILLAGE’S Easter tradition was brought back as Eydon held its egg rolling championship on Monday.

Organiser Suzanne Smith said: “You get a boiled egg and we roll them down Blacksmith Lane in the village, and it’s the person who gets there egg furthest without it smashing.

“It’s about balancing between throwing it and doing it too gently and it not going anywhere. We ran it in four age categories and the youngest winner was only one-and-a-half years old.

“It hasn’t run for several years now but I suggested we bring it back and use it to raise money for the village sports field.

“After the egg rolling we all went over to the pub where there was an egg decorating competition as well.

“It was a good day, despite the very damp weather, and we managed to raise £197.60 which I would like to see go to getting new play equipment for the sports field.”