Half of cars speed along danger road

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More than half the cars on one stretch of a main road in Daventry speed according to figures being used to judge 
potential improvements.

Ashby Road has been identified as a ‘dangerous’ road due to the volume of traffic and speeds, and a survey was carried out to get figures to back up residents’ views.

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Technology to count vehicles and record their speeds were installed by Northamptonshire County Council highways officers along Ashby Road in Daventry after complaints about the volume of traffic and apparent speeding.

The first sensor was between Burns Road and Daneholme Avenue, while the second was near to the junction with Highlands Drive.

Sensor two recorded 61.3 per cent of vehicles breaking the 30mph limit. While at sensor one, 30.3 per cent broke the limit.

The sensor data shows the southern part of the road is twice as busy as the side north of the rail bridge.

Councillor Chris Long has been campaigning for safety improvements on the road. He said: “I really am pleased that county highways have listened to residents concerns this time. The results we have seen so far confirms the worst fears of residents. I will be keeping in touch with highways engineers to ensure the momentum of action seen so far is maintained.”

Steps to improve the situation were taken after a young girl was involved in a collision witha car outside one of the schools. The data is now being analysed by county highways prior to recommendations being brought forward. Possible solutions will include the establishment of chicanes. Other measure already put in place are signs to stop motorists using the road as a cut through to the town centre.