Gusher prompts ‘sexist’ sign change

Ian Taylor and one of the Bowen Square signs
Ian Taylor and one of the Bowen Square signs

Publicity in the Gusher to remove ‘sexist’ mother and child signs from a Daventry car park has prompted a U-turn.

Authorities have agreed to change the signs in Daventry’s Bowen Square after Ian Taylor appeared in the Daventry Express two weeks ago complaining about them.

He said the signs, which designated certain bays as ‘mother and child’ parking, accompanied by a stick person in a dress with a child, were sexist. He said they should instead read ‘parent and child’ as they do in other car parks.

Mr Taylor’s complaint was also picked up by Daventry’s MP Chris Heaton-Harris, who said he would investigate if the signs breached sex discrimination rules.

Despite originally being told there wasn’t a problem with the signs by Daventry District Council, the issue is now being taken seriously and the owners of the square, the Bowen Square Trust, have told the Daventry Express steps will be taken this month to resolve it.

Mr Taylor said: “It’s great someone’s eventually listened, and thank you to the Daventry Express for reporting on it. I got an email saying they would be using stickers to change the offending signs.

“The thing is, we all know how organisations purchase things like this. Someone has either picked out a design or drawn one up and someone else approved the cost.

“The situation with the Bowen Square car park is very confusing. It’s privately owned, but run by the district council, and the council are the ones correcting the signs. Who paid for these signs in the first place? Was it from taxpayers’ money?”

The correctional work is apparently scheduled for ‘as soon as possible’ and by the end of April at the latest.