Guilsborough head responds to complaints

The headteacher of Guilsborough School has responded to a number of complaints from parents.

The Daventry Express this week received several letters from parents unhappy with standards following the release of a recent Ofsted report.

One of the parents said: “The school has never been sympathetic or supported my family in any way.”

Another parent stated: “My child is a nervous wreck as she has been subjected to bullying since she started.

“It is my view that the school refuses to believe the fact and would rather brush the situation out the back door. The school has problems but will not admit they are present.”

Another letter stated: “They do not listen to your concerns and cover them up.”

One parent removed her daughter, who has special educational needs, from the school. She told said: “My child was severely let down.”

Responding to the claims, head Christine Staley said: “Inevitably, like any large school, we receive a small number of complaints from parents in any one year. We work hard to resolve any concerns or problems raised.

“We receive many letters of thanks for the support given by our non-teaching Pastoral Support Team who are available throughout the day to deal with any individual worries or concerns that students or parents bring to the school’s attention.

“We pro-actively survey our parents and students and the results consistently show us that our students feel safe in school and that parents feel that the school is supportive and deals with any issues effectively.

“This has been backed up by the recent Ofsted inspection.”