Group facing closure asks people for help

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Children’s group NCT Daventry and Villages has revealed it could face closure unless more volunteers step forward soon.

The group, which offers support, information and friendship to first time parents, said after losing its entire committee it has been forced to scale back the services and activities it offers.

Ruth Chettle, the group’s treasurer, said:“We are at a point where we potentially could have to close the group down.”

Ruth said NCT volunteers currently help to run a baby and toddler group at Mayfield Park Sports Club on Daventry’s Timken estate, but they have ambitious plans to set up more groups for toddlers and first time parents.

The NCT group has been going for 24 years and she added the support provided by NCT and other groups like it was invaluable to people.

She said: “There are other groups around Daventry but this branch has been around for ages and it would be very sad to see it go.

“When I had my little boy I didn’t have lots of friends with children I could talk to.

“You worry about everything as a new mum, and if your baby is crying you don’t always have that instinct that tells you what is wrong.

“I had a book that I would follow, but it didn’t always work, and it was really valuable having a group of people to talk to.

“My son had colic when he was little, and it was helpful that I could talk to other people who had been there before.”

If you would like to volunteer with the organisation, email the group at