Group campaigns against extra homes in Daventry

Jenny Humphreys and Miranda Joseph
Jenny Humphreys and Miranda Joseph

An opposition group of Daventry and surrounding area residents strongly oppose detailed plans for 480 new homes.

The Mickle Well Opposition Group feels the plans revealed this week by John Thompson and Partners on behalf of Landform and Orbit Homes, will grossly disrupt the peaceful town to the north of Lang Farm estate.

The group fully acknowledge and support Daventry District Councils intention to build needed housing in Daventry but believe that this development is in the wrong place and ill timed prior to the Strategic housing plan which we understand will be adopted in November.

The opposition group feel strongly that the plans presented earlier this week, depict an unrealistic interpretation of what a new estate in Daventry will look like.

“There is a genuine feeling amongst residents that the people of Daventry have been sold a fairy tale,” said Chris Humphreys, chairman of the group.

Humphreys states that the Landform proposition being pitched to the community was nothing more than a ‘utopian vision’ to ‘pull the wool over people’s eyes’. The probable reality is new dangerous ponds requiring fencing and ongoing maintenance, lots of new trees that take thirty years to mature and a unused piece of land that was promised for a local facility that will never materialise. This development, being on the outside fringe of Daventry would not benefit the wider community.

In an attempt to stem the disquiet in the community the presentation, as anticipated, did a good job at minimising the large number of issues raised during the consultation and creatively spinning up opportunities which were not specifically identified through their workshop session.

The community values the fantastic work undertaken by the Phoenix Youth Centre, however there is a concern that this pay off only targets a particular group and there was no consideration given to other groups such as the elderly.

There is also real concern from residents about increased pressures on infrastructure anddetrimental changes to the town’s demographic, brought about by the proposed changes.

Additionally, the idyllic representation of the master plan fails to convey the impact on existing residents and the environment’s plethora of flora and fauna, which will become obliterated by flats, three-story town houses and other multi-occupancy dwellings.

The group also dismisses the view that more houses will force more facilities to be developed in the area.

“This view is misinformed,” notes Humphreys adding “You only need to look to the high streets in Northampton, Rugby and in fact many other UK large towns, to see that many retailers are withdrawing because consumers purchasing behaviour is moving to the internet as regularly reported in the national press”.

Residents of nearby Welton have also expressed their grave concern of the future of the village, fearing it will be swallowed up by the development eventually losing its identity to Daventry altogether.

Miranda Joseph, vice chairman of the opposition group, has issued a rallying cry to residents “It is time to stand up and be counted and stop this craziness happening - for the sake of the people that live here today. Our councillors need our support in order to make the right decisions about appropriate growth of Daventry in accordance with community needs and infrastructure.

“To help us do the right thing for the community and not simply help a commercially driven developer, please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the opposition group’s Facebook site. We have over 200 people already behind this campaign and it is only by working together that we can stop this disaster plan taking over our town.”

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