Green aspirations for town are welcomed

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POSITIVE comments about Daventry’s green aspirations have emerged during the 2040 Masterplan consulation.

The council has been consulting on the plan with the public and other organisations since November 9.

The 2040 Masterplan includes growth for the town, a new eco-park to provide jobs, tree planting to act as carbon sinks, and regeneration projects.

Gary Underhill, a council officer who has worked on the consultation, said: “We’ve had a few people turning up at the events. They’ve all been very interested in finding out what’s planned and have asked a lot of questions and have spent a lot of time looking at the plans.

“There’s a lot of support generally for the greener aspects of the masterplan – like the eco-park and the woodland areas.

“We’ve also had people who have been for, and against, the canal, but this plan is about much more than one part.

“Lots of people also said their main priority was developing the town centre and getting that side off the ground soon.”

Clare Cassell, who lives on Lang Farm in Davenrty, said: “I went along to get a good look at the plans.

“I’m impressed with the green things they want to do and the fact they want to regenerate the town because it needs something doing.

“My concern is that 2040 is a long time and some of these things, like creating more jobs for people, should be happening sooner.”

Cllr Chris Over, economic, employment and regeneration portfolio holder, said: “There’s a great deal of understanding now that these plans are aspirational.

“People question how will it all be paid for, but it’s like the chicken and the egg – until you have a plan you won’t get the inward investment you need.

“The key is to show we have a vision, but that it is flexible which will be key in the economic climate we find ourselves in.

“This plan is part of the steps we’re putting into place for when the national, and global economy, picks up.”

The final consultation roadshows take place in the next week, but the public has until December 21 to make comments to the council.

DDC will then examine what people have said before making any changes and formally adopting the document.