Great grandchild adds extra sparkle to diamond couple’s celebrations

John and Betty Reeve
John and Betty Reeve
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A couple from Everdon are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today (Thursday).

And John and Betty Reeve, of Stubbs Road, could be marking the big day with a new addition to the family as their first great grandchild was expected to be born this week.

The couple, who already have two daughters, a son and 12 grandchildren, will be celebrating their big day with a family meal on Saturday to be held at the Red Lion in 

Mrs Reeve, 82, was originally from Towcester, while Mr Reeve, 83, was born in nearby Grimscote.

Recalling the day they first met, Mrs Reeve said: “We met at Towcester Cinema when I was 16 and he was 17.

“We knew of each other through friends and then we started going out.”

The couple were married at a church in Towcester in 1954.

They then started their married life in Caldecotte near to Towcester. From there, the duo lived in Maidford for 10 years. After that they went on to Farthingstone and later on to Litchborough.

They moved to Everdon in 1997, a year after they both retired. Mr Reeve worked as a farmer and also as a security guard while Mrs Reeve worked as a nurse for the mentally handicapped.

Mrs Reeve added: “It is really exciting to realise that it has been 60 years since we were married.”

The couple also enjoyed reading, while Mrs Reeve was a branch leader of the Mothers Union in Weedon.

The duo were also hopeful of receiving a message from the Queen congratulating them on their big day.

When asked about the secret of a happy marriage, Mrs Reeve said: “I have been very positive and understanding over the years but it is about having tolerance with each other. It is also really nice to have all of the family around as well and we are both looking forward to seeing the new addition.”

Mr Reeve said: “The secret of a long marriage is all about give and take.”