Grave concerns over plans

OBJECTIONS have been officially made to plans for a village crematorium and cemetery.

A public meeting called by Villages Against Cemetery and Crematorium (VACC) was held on Tuesday to discuss the proposal, which could see 22,000 burial plots built in Moor Lane in Willoughby.

At the meeting it was revealed Rugby Borough Council (RBC), the Highways Agency at Warwickshire County Council and the Environment Agency have all lodged objections on the grounds of noise, smoke, access into the village and the risk of flooding.

About 120 people attended the meeting, held in Willoughby Village Hall, to find out the latest on the application, which was submitted to RBC in October.

They were told the consultees are looking for more detailed surveys from the applicant, Aamer Waheed based in Walsall.

These include a new traffic survey looking at a cemetery of a similar size and more information about ground water at the site, which sits on a flood plain.

As more information has been requested, residents were told they could carry on sending letters commenting on the application to RBC.

They were also told a fighting fund, set up when the plans were submitted to allow VACC to potentially carry out its own surveys, has already raised £2,114.

MP for the area, Jeremy Wright, also lent his support to the campaign at the meeting.

He said: “There have been more than 300 letters written to RBC objecting to this application and I was one of them.

“This is simply the wrong application in the wrong location.

“The only way this application can be defeated is to use sensible planning reasons and we will stand a better chance of doing that if one or both of the Highways Agency or the Environment Agency objects to it.”

The Highways Agency has objected to the plans due to the volume of traffic that would have to go through the village.

It is also concerned about the safety and visibility at the junction of Willoughby and the A45.

The Environment Agency fears there could be a risk of flooding in the village and contamination of its water supply.

No date has been set for when the application will be determined, but it could be heard by RBC within the next six months.

Anyone who would like more information on the campaign can go to