Grateful Daventry parents thank disabled charity for support

Sylwia Suchecka
Sylwia Suchecka

A Daventry teenager who has cerebral palsy and struggles to sit without support has been given a helping hand by a children’s disability charity.

Fourteen-year-old Sylwia Suchecka, who lives with her parents Marzena and Dariusz Komisarczuk and younger brother and sister Oscar and Jessica, relies on a powered wheelchair to get around as she has rigid muscles in both arms and legs.

Doctors told Sylwia’s parents the teenager would need a standing frame to aid her recovery following an operation in which the muscles in her hips and knees were loosened and her hips stabilised.

However, the family was unable to afford the £4,363 cost of the frame.

The Newlife Foundation – the largest charity funder of children’s specialist disability equipment in the UK – heard about the family’s plight and was able to fast-track an application so Sylwia will soon have the equipment she needs.

Dad Dariusz said: “Sylwia’s surgery went well, the doctor said we couldn’t have hoped for better.

“The standing frame will help with her posture and help her breathe better as well as strengthening her legs and letting her stretch her muscles.

“Having one at home means she will be able to use it on a daily basis. It even comes with a tray that Sylwia can use to do homework or play.

“We are very pleased and happy Sylwia will have the standing frame to help with her recovery – without Newlife this wouldn’t be possible.”

Sylwia’s parents said they were so pleased with the support their daughter received from Newlife that they are now backing an appeal to help provide more specialist equipment for children with disabilities in Northamptonshire.

The charity says there are seven other children with disabilities or terminal illness in the county who are waiting for life-changing specialist equipment.

Newlife’s Stephen Morgan said: “Newlife has already helped 151 children in Northamptonshire through grants and loans of £197,394, so we know there is a very real need for a specific county fund.

“In this way we aim to help more children, more quickly.”

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