Grass cutting problems are merely a ‘blip’

The recent poor grass cutting and grounds maintenance in Daventry and across the district was merely a ‘blip’, says the councillor in charge.

Daniel Cribbin made the comment at a meeting of Daventry District Council’s strategy group on Thursday last week.

They were discussing a report into the council’s environmental contractor, Enterprise, from Cllr Wendy Randall.

Her report highlighted an increase in complaints over missed bins and more since Enterprise took over. But Cllr Cribbin, DDC’s environmental portfolio holder, said the figures were ‘largely historic’ and the situation was showing improvement.

He said: “We agree there have been problems with the contract. There were problems with missed bins. We are confident we are now starting to get it right.”

He added: “I do agree we had a little blip recently with regard to grounds maintenance.”

However, many other councillors spoke about the poor service from Enterprise.

Cllr David Atterbury said: “I went along Northern Way in Daventry and a man with a blunt scythe could have done a better job. A bit more love and care is what’s needed.”

Cllr Over said: “Grounds maintenance has been appalling in Daventry. Our laybys are full of grime and rubbish.

“People pay their bills and they expect a job to be done right.

“We’ve seen examples of grass being cut when it didn’t need it while other areas have been left out.”

The report will now go before full council for a final decision on any steps to be taken.