Grant will help to support victims 
of self-harming

A COUNSELLING service for young people has been given a grant to help self-harmers.

Time2Talk, based in Daventry, received £2,000 from Mid-Counties Co-op to support its work with young people who self-harm.

Manager Andy Nixon said: “We are delighted to have received this grant. The money will support more specialist one-to-one counselling.

“I’d say we have 30 to 40 young people for whom self harming is an issue, although it may not be the main problem.

“Self-harming can include binge eating, hair pulling, substance abuse, and cutting, as well as other things.

“Most self-harm is not a step along the way to more serious things or suicide. It’s usually a symptom of some other underlying problem.

“For many young people it’s a way of taking control of their emotions and turning them back on themselves.

“The counselling helps them to talk through those emotions in a safe environment, and find different ways of expressing and coping with them.

“It’s hard to measure success in these types of cases. Some will stop self-harming, others might reduce the amount of it. It really does depend on each case and the person involved.

“Some of the money will also be used to help develop an awareness raising presentation that can be used with young people’s groups.

“If we raise awareness of it, then people will hopefully notice symptoms and know that there is help, and that it’s not usually about suicide.”

Time2Talk offers counselling, advice and information to young people across the Daventry area on topics including mental health, relationships, sexual health and drugs.

l The service is also launching its annual campaign in the run-up to World Aids Day on Saturday, December 1.

Mr Nixon said: “We have a range of information for anyone who would like to find out more about HIV and Aids, the current siutation and treatments.