Grant given to fund stress workshops

Penny McCarthy
Penny McCarthy

A GRANT has been given to a recently established social enterprise to help people deal with stressful situations.

Mindfulness in the Community has been given a total of £5,048 to run courses which will start in February.

The money has come from Northamptonshire Community Foundation and the charity, A Way With Pain.

Founder Penny McCarthy said: “We really want to help those most in need, but as a social enterprise we have to charge for our services, and this funding means that anyone can access the courses, whatever their income. Our taster sessions are a good way of finding out more about Mindfulness, but the eight-week courses give people the opportunity to transform their lives in the long term.”

Mindfulness is based on non-religious meditation techniques blended with exercises and activities which draw on up to date psychological understandings of stress.

Visit, call 01327 577955 or email to find out more.