Golden anniversary for Daventry couple who love the great outdoors

Robert and Pauline Wilson.
Robert and Pauline Wilson.

Tomorrow (Friday) Robert and Pauline Wilson will celebrate their 50th anniversary surrounded by almost 100 friends and family.

The day will be especially meaningful for the couple as they will also be marking Pauline’s 70th birthday with a party at Daventry Golf Club as well as remembering a brush with death .

Robert said: “It is quite a day we are celebrating this anniversary as 16 years ago Pauline nearly died.

“She was forced to undergo a liver transplant after a viral infection.

“When they took it out it was black, the size of a fist and dead.”

Pauline added: “I remember Robert at that time coming in one day and asking me how to use the washing machine!”

The golden duo, who are keen dancers and enjoy the great outdoors, are members of Friends of Daventry Country Park. Robert also ran Second Daventry Scouts for 40 years.

They first met in Birmingham where Robert, who is 72, worked as a chef .

“Robert’s father dared him to ask me out,” said Pauline. “Before then we hadn’t seen much of each other.”

Robert and Pauline were married at Church of St Giles in Birmingham and just four years later, in 1969, they moved to Daneholme Avenue in Daventry after Robert found work at Leamington Plant.

They have two children, Jeremy, 47 and Rebecca, 46.

“We’ve been there ever since,” said Pauline. “We love Daventry really. It’s rural. But when we came here Daneholme was the last road in the town before you came to fields. There are more estates now, but they don’t impinge on the wonderful view.”

Now they are retired, Robert and Pauline said they are making the most of their spare time, taking a keen interest in caravanning and tea dances.

When asked what their secret was for a happy marriage Robert said:“We are so used to be living together we can’t remember what it is like to be apart.”

Pauline added: “You have to realise that you change; everybody does as they get older. You just have to make allowances for each other. We got married and had kids, and here we are 50 years later. Where has it all gone?”