Going parking mad over bays confusion

Mhde-18-12-13 parking Dec26   Pictured, Peter Philips outside his shop in High Street.
Mhde-18-12-13 parking Dec26 Pictured, Peter Philips outside his shop in High Street.
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Loading restrictions signs for bays in Daventry’s High Street are to be changed after an 
error was noticed.

Those who have been issued with tickets for using the bays are recommended to check the details as they may be entitled to have them cancelled.

The High Street has a number of loading bays. On the road the painted signs describe them as ‘Loading’ bays, meaning private car drivers can stop in them to load or unload shopping and goods.

However, the metal signs on bins and posts say ‘Goods vehicle loading only’, limiting use of bays to vans and lorries.

Peter Philips, of Edison Electrical on the High street, said: “Our own delivery vehicle was given a ticket in the bay outside our shop when actually loading/unloading.

“The wardens told us we could not stop in the bay because the metal signs said “goods vehicle loading only” and as our vehicle was not taxed as ‘goods’ we would continue to be issued a ticket in the future should we stop in the bay again.

“They did say we could however stop for a short while on double yellow lines outside The Saracens Head, a much more dangerous position!”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “An email has been sent to civil enforcement officers indicating that the signed ‘Goods Vehicle Loading Only’ bays in High Street, Daventry actually should be ‘Loading Bays’ and therefore the signs are incorrect. Officers have been told not to issue penalty charge notices (PCNs) to vehicles that are not goods vehicles until the signs are changed.

“Tickets can still be issued to any vehicle where there is no evidence of loading/unloading. Any challenge received for PCNs issued to non-goods vehicles will be cancelled.

“The signs are in the process of being changed.”