Go back to town with marina plan

PLANS for the controversial marina development in Daventry must be put to the public again, the district council has been told.

The West Northamptonshire Development Corporation (WNDC) is about to hand back planning powers to Daventry District Council in April.

It means DDC will now make the decision on the WaterSpace and associated canal arm itself.

But it has warned DDC that it must provide more information on its WaterSpace plans and carry out another public consultation.

Mike Fletcher, who was involved with the parish poll over the WaterSpace, said: “If people called for a parish poll then clearly the people of Daventry have not been happy with the district council’s consultations.

“The district council needs to make sure any future consultations are acceptable to the people of Daventry.

“They should target those affected by the plans – which is mainly those who live in Daventry itself.

“And they should present clear information about what they are actually planning to do, which has not been the case in the past.

Daventry Town Council leader Steve Tubb told the Daventry Express: “One of the things with consultations is that they can’t make everyone take part. Also people tend to read between the lines of any questions, even if there’s nothing there.

“I think consultations should be simpler – surely you either agree, disagree or don’t know if you support plans.”