Give us a sign, say angry traders

Pictured is Paul Bowditch with the painted out sign of the Moot Hall.
Pictured is Paul Bowditch with the painted out sign of the Moot Hall.
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A BUSINESS owner in Daventry is looking for answers as to why signs pointing to the Moot Hall have been painted over.

Paul Bowditch and Dawn Willets, who run the Pigeon Hole in Market Square, have complained about the signs which have been painted over and, in some cases, pointed in the wrong direction.

Mr Bowditch has spent a lot of money advertising his business, which houses 53 traders selling a collection of handmade craft items, vintage clothes and collectibles, and which opened in October last year. He claims people have struggled to find his business when they have been looking around the town.

He said: “It is annoying because we have notified people in adverts that we are based in the Moot Hall. Unless you are from Daventry originally, you are not necessarily going to know where it is if you come into the town for the first time.

“We have heard that people are asking for the antiques centre and some people do not know where it is.”

The business partners have approached Daventry District Council, the Highways department of Northamptonshire County Council and the Daventry Business Partnership – but to no avail.

All of the organisations have said they are not responsible for painting the signs over.

Miss Willets added: “They are supposed to be helping businesses by bringing people into the town centre.

“This is a move which just seems counter-productive to me.”

Mr Bowditch said: “It has been very frustrating trying to find out who is responsible for these signs.

“I first approached Daventry District Council, then Highways, then Daventry Business Partnership.

“I am just looking to get a simple answer and it has proved very difficult.”