‘Give people a voice on town’s future’

Maureen Luke
Maureen Luke
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A plan to give local people more of a say in the development of the town has been put forward to be discussed at a Daventry Town Council.

The initial stages of setting up a Neighbourhood Plan has been put forward in the form of motion by town councillor Maureen Luke and seconded by councillors Sheila Game and Keith Simpson.

The motion will be discussed at a meeting of the town council on Monday

It is designed to give people greater ownership of plans and policies going on in the local area.

Cllr Luke said: “I think this will enable the community to become more involved in the town and try to encourage community spirit.

“I hope it will give people an interest in what is going on in the town.”

The motion says residents will be encouraged through meeting, consultations and themed events to become involved in the development of the parish and making people feel proud of where they live.

It also states the council will organise a public meeting to determine the level of interest and outlines a need to employ consultants in drawing up a plan.

The plan will help the Daventry community play a greater role in finding ways to overcome the pressures that development can create for conservation, local services and amenities.

Cllr Luke was insistent that any proposed neighbourhood plan will make no difference to development that is underway.

She added: “The developments such as Primrose Hill and Monksmoor are happening and this plan, if set up, won’t be able to do anything to stop them.

“What it will be able to do is give people the chance to influence the future of development and protect the quality of the future of the town and enhance it.

“This is the first step in setting up the neighbourhood plan and I hope that people will get behind it and support it.”

The meeting will take place at the town council offices in New Street at 6.30pm on Monday.