Girl names new fairground ride

Carlotta Isles and her sister Rosa
Carlotta Isles and her sister Rosa

A new ride unveiled at Great Yarmouth’s Pleasure Beach was officially named by 15 year-old Carlotta Isles, who lives in Welton.

Carlotta, who is pictured right with her sister Rosa, named the new ride Free Fall when she visited the pleasure beach on Monday, April 6 after winning a competition in the Great Yarmouth Mercury.

She said she was inspired by the name by how she felt when practicing her favourite sport, the high jump.

Her mother, Katherine Isles, said: “We visit quite often, whenever we can take the girls to see their grandmother who moved there ten years ago.

“The girls love going to the beach to see the attractions and tothe cinemas.

“Carlotta was ever so pleased as we didn’t expect her to win at all.