Girl loses foot following dog attack at home

MHDE'Millie Anne Hemley
MHDE'Millie Anne Hemley
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A MOTHER has warned parents their children are never safe with family pets after a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy attacked her daughter leading to part of her leg being amputated.

Milly-Anne Hemley, 10 was savaged by two-year-old Rory as she got ready for school at 7.45am on Wednesday, December 19 last year. The dog clamped its jaw on to her right leg and viciously shook her in the hallway of her Long Buckby home.

During the attack, Milly-Anne hugged her dog and told him ‘it’s only me Rory’ as her brothers Braydon Payea, 15, and Jamie Payea, 13, tried desperately to get him off.

Her mother, Paula Warren, said: “I received the call at 7.51am. I can still remember it. I didn’t think it would be that bad but when I got home it was so horrendous.

“It was just gone, it was just a piece of bone. She had only an inch, maybe an inch-and-a-half of skin on the rest of that bit of her leg.

“There was no crying. The first thing she said was ‘I borrowed a pair of your leggings mummy and I’ve broke them sorry.”

Rory has been put down and her mother warned other dog owners to be careful.

“I am a mum with four children, if he had showed any signs of aggression, he would’ve been out,” she said.

“The day before it happened he was curled up on a chair with her cuddling. Even minutes before it happened he was asleep on the living room floor.

“This proves more than anything that you just don’t know your own dog.

“We just don’t know why he did it, we will never know why he did it. He had never gone without food or been badly treated. It proves you don’t know your own pet.”

Surgeons at University Hospital in Coventry battled to save her lower leg but without success.

Milly-Anne stunned physios at the hospital by learning to walk with crutches and was discharged on Friday, December 28.

She is now waiting for her leg to heal before doctors can begin to prepare her for a prosthetic limb.

Milly-Anne said: “I was standing there and the front door opened. I screamed a bit because the front room door was open and I thought he was going to run away.

“Then he just locked on me. He just didn’t let go and he shook me. I remember my whole body shaking.”

Milly-Anne now has a five-month-old kitten which she named Jazz to play with while she recovers.

Milly-Anne said: “I found the name in a word search. He is cute. I like when he puts his paws on my nose and cuddles me. Everyone calls me a little soldier. Everyone says I’m brave. I don’t feel brave, I just get on with it and keep smiling.”