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The Daventry Express' new campaign logo.
The Daventry Express' new campaign logo.

Litter, weeds, dog mess and more are to be targeted in a project to get Daventry’s town centre looking its best again.

The initiative, launched by Daventry District Council, is appealing for volunteers to take part in a clean up that aims to deal with some of the issues reported as part of the Daventry Express’ Tidy Up Daventry Campaign.

The scheme, running next month, is being supported by Daventry Town Council, Daventry and District Housing and McDonalds, which will be providing up to 50 volunteers.

As well as removing litter, rubbish and dog mess, volunteers will tidy weed-ridden, overgrown flower beds and scrub dirty footpaths.

Town centre businesses are being asked to support the effort by providing volunteers, lending equipment and either cleaning private land behind their premises or allowing volunteers access.

But councillor Wendy Randall said she was surprised volunteers would be tasked with cleaning up commercial areas. She said: “The council should be making sure the businesses keep their premises tidy.

“The district council is responsible for the town centre.

“I would like to see Amey at the forefront of this event with people coming to join them – otherwise volunteers would essentially be doing the council’s job for them.

“Personally I think Amey isn’t fulfilling its contract.”

The campaign hopes to build on previous attempts to tackle litter, graffiti and dog fouling by encouraging the community to get involved.

Councillor Daniel Cribbin, environment portfolio holder at DDC, said: “The Southbrook litter pick was a great example of the excellent results that can be achieved when people work together for the good of the community.

“We’re really pleased to have the backing of McDonalds once again, in addition to support from our partners. It would be fantastic to see another great turnout of volunteers and support from businesses on the day so we can really get the town centre looking its best.”

The council is asking anyone interested in taking part to meet at Daventry District Council offices in Lodge Road from 10am on Thursday, October 23.