Geri the Giraffe stolen from Daventry village

Ben Howkins and Geri the Giraffe
Ben Howkins and Geri the Giraffe

A beloved ornamental giraffe was stolen from a Daventry village last week, much to its owner's dismay.

Geri the Giraffe was taken from a mini apple orchard at 75-year-old Ben Howkins's Staverton property some time between 2pm on October 11 and 10am on October 14, police said.

Mr Howkins said he has become quite attached to the 6-ft statue - made from recycled metal - which his wife bought for him two years ago.

He thinks the thief spotted the giraffe from the public footpath which runs at the end of his garden.

"Somebody must have literally walked 50 yards west with a giraffe under their arm, then walked another 50 yards south to climb over a stile, and then drive away with it," said Mr Howkins, who has lived in Northamptonshire his whole life.

Northamptonshire Police are investigating the theft and appeal for any witnesses or people with information to call 101.

Mr Howkins would be happy to give a case of wine as a reward for any lead that results in recovery of Geri.