Gemma and co jump for Jago

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Thanks to the kind sponsorship of Daventry people and businesses this week I raised more than £500 for the Jago Worrall Foundation.

On Monday, August 26 I travelled to Hinton Airfield near Banbury where I parachutejumped from 12,500ft, along with Simon and Vicky Williams, Aimee Webb and Lauren Roche from the Evergreen Art Cafe and Lauren Howell, Nikolaos Madenas, Richard Williams, Sophie Peachey, Kirstie Gibson, Sophie Robinson and Will Searle from Axillium in Daventry .

The Evergreen team raised £800 with more to come and team Axillium have raised £1,247.30 online so far. This means we collectively raised over £2,500 for the Jago Worrall Foundation. Two-year-old Jago from Welton, needs continued care after he suffered severe brain damage following an accident last year.

Despite my fear of flying and feeling very nervous in the morning when my tandem partner pushed me from the plane at altitude, the nerves disappeared and I had a fantastic rush of adrenalin!

Freefall lasted for around 45 seconds before the chute went up when everything fell calm and quiet. We fell through the clouds on the way down and could see over three villages. The instructor even allowed me to steer the chute for a while as he gave me a rundown of the sites at 3,000ft.

It really was a truly amazing experience.

A big thank you to Revival in Daventry

A big thank you to Revival in Daventry

Simon Williams loved it so much he plans to do another.

He said: “It was test experience ever! I am planning on another jump and would love to eventually do a solo jump, obviously in a custom Evergreen Art Cafe jump suit.”


Since launching the campaign for the Jago Worrall Foundation we, at the Daventry Express, have been overwhelmed by the response and generosity of the community in Daventry.

This week’s skydive only took place thanks to a donation of £100 from Revival Specialist Body Repairs in Daventry, £90 from Councillor Adam Collyer and the deposit of all those taking part in the dive covered by Axillium in Daventry.

I would like to thank them along with friends, family, colleagues and readers for their generosity and support.

I am extremely pleased to have been involved in the campaign for Jago and very proud of the continuing support given to the Gusher this year from our readers and advertisers.