Fur flies as flyball team celebrate year of success and prepare for another

The Midshires Mud Pack Team
The Midshires Mud Pack Team

Daventry dogs had their day recently after winning the British Flyball Association’s annual championships.

The Daventry-based Midshires Mud Pack team won the division at the Royal Canin Classic in October at Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester.

The event sees a relay race of teams for four to six dogs, run over four evenly-spaced hurdles to collect a tennis ball and run back again.

Any dog that likes a tennis ball can do flyball and the current team is made up of two border collies, a whippet, a Labrador and a small cross breed.

The Midshires team captain Cath Locke said: “It has been an incredible year.

“We came first place in our division at the Royal Canin Classic in October at Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester and again at a second competition in November.

“But this year has certainly been our best year ever. We were rubbish when we started this year but we went from 28 seconds to around 21. And we have have three new dogs in pack year.

“We have just been getting better and better. Our starter dog, Woody, is crucial to our success, really improving over the last year, and we have also brought in a new height dog, Pod. The seed time is now 20.43 seconds and all dogs have now reached and exceeded their 1,000 point certificate.

“Although the group is not now training in the run-up to Christmas as team members begin to have family commitments we will be training between Christmas and the New Year in preparation the first show of 2015 at the Sports Connexion at Ryton onJanuary 3.”

Most of the team live in the town itself and train at Onley Park.

Cath added: “We expect them to not do so well because the competition will be so new to the dogs, but until we put them through this atmosphere they won’t get the experience.

“Despite how hard it is the dogs absolutely love it and they get excited when we get out their racing harnesses.

Anyone interested can have a go at the team’s weekly training sessions by 
contacting Cath on 07811 299045.