Funds are vital for future of service

The manager of Daventry’s Citizen’s Advice Bureau has thanked the council for vital grant funding to keep the service alive.

Anne Bamfield made the statement after it was revealed that Daventry District Council has donated £67,500 to the organisation.

Mrs Bamfield said “We are really pleased to have the support of DDC for the core advice service.

“If it was not for this funding, we would not be able to run this service in the Daventry district. We are finding more and more people are coming to us for help and support with a wide range of issues and we need funding so it is incredibly important.”

The donation was the largest of those made across the year by the council and also includes £22,500 for DACT.

It also awarded more than £70,000 of capital grants to help fund ten projects district-wide, and sharing nearly £10,000 between 20 local groups and organisations to help them deliver one-off community events.

Throughout the year DDC’s Community Projects Service worked with a range of partners to organise 18 successful initiatives. They included the Wicked Wednesdays summer activities that attracted more than 1,000 children, a series of Stay Strong, Go Steady roadshows for older people and the Christmas Helping Hampers campaign, which received over 1,000 food donations for elderly and vulnerable families.

The Community Projects Service also organised the Big Poppy Plant, which involved more than 30 communities planting a total area of 2,100 square metres of poppies and wildflowers.

A further 13 community events were also organised, including Countryside Day, 
Cyclefest and the Family Cinema Day at Daventry Country Park.