Fundraising launched for park scooter

Corey Haseley
Corey Haseley

A fundraising drive has been launched by a teenager to buy a new mobility scooter for Brixworth Country Park.

Corey Haseley, 18, has a mitochondrial disease which causes his nerves, muscles and cells to deteriorate, forcing him to use a wheelchair.

His condition means he needs to use a mobility scooter to access the path at Brixworth Country Park, but one of the park’s two hire scooters has fallen into disrepair.

The park’s footpath is difficult to negotiate with a manual wheelchair.

So Corey, a passionate fundraiser and campaigner, has taken matters into his own hands and, between his operations and treatments, has been exploring ways to raise the £7,500 needed to buy a new Tramper scooter.

Corey said: “I’m planning to organise house to house collections, bag-packing days in local supermarkets, an online donation page and other events to raise the money. Campaigning and fundraising to support disabled people has always been my passion and I’ve supported organisations such as the Make A Wish Foundation and Helen and Douglas House children’s Hospice in Oxford but, as I have spent a lot of time in hospital lately, I haven’t been able to do as much as I would have liked.

“My condition is very hard to live with and it upsets my life in lots of different ways but I just get on with it and always think that the sky is the limit.”