Fundraisers had real mountain to climb

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A TEAM of determined walkers from a Daventry gym braved treacherous conditions to climb Mount Snowdon.

The 27 climbers, who between them have had heart attacks and hip replacements, were walking for charity gym Reach for Health, which is based on High March industrial estate.

The gym specialises in helping people who are recovering from illness and injury, and the fundraisers hope to have raised a total of more than £5,000 from the event.

Gym owner Wadge Grzelak said: “The walk started well with everyone getting to the halfway point.

“But the weather was deteriorating rapidly, with gusts strong enough to knock you over.

“After a short break we set off again for the summit and by the time we had reached around 2,500ft even the army cadets were turning back (the mountain is 3,560ft high).

“We had to make a decision as to who would go back down for safety reasons and who was prepared to try and reach the summit.

“Out of the 27 climbers 12 made it to the top which was a great shame because they were all so close.

“I have climbed the mountain many times and have never encountered anything like the conditions we found ourselves in, it was dangerous and frightening.

“What had started out as a challenge turned into an extreme challenge.

“I would like to thank from the very bottom of my heart all the people who took part in the event and all the staff who helped make this event happen.

“Some of the generosity has been amazing and we hope to raise over £5,000 from the event.

“The money will go towards new equipment at the gym which is desperately needed to help more people who are physically disadvantaged.”